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Where many watchmakers jump into the industry too swiftly, fumbling to create timepieces that will sell wide and far with little thought having been put into them, Bonvier has done the opposite. Believing that attention to detail is what makes a watch stand out among the rest, Bonvier took the time to map out every fine detail one could include in the appearance of a watch. Instead of rushing through the process, these timepieces are the product of countless hours of highly detailed planning and meticulous designing by two wristwatch enthusiasts from Rome, Italy.

These craftsmen aimed to create a product that was inspired by the vintage styles of old while uniting these aspects seamlessly with the simplicity of modern fashions. Thus, Bonvier was born. Their accurate timepieces are made from beautiful, high quality materials that work together to display elegant, classic and timeless looking watches whose attributes feature a hint of modern flair. A Bonvier watch is your solution to the problem of having to wear certain watches for certain occasions; these gorgeous watches are as diverse as they are striking, able to be worn to a formal dinner party, a casual get together, or while engaging in outdoor activities.

All of these watches are designed in Italy by Bonvier and are assembled using a reliable and accurate Japanese or Swiss movement. WatchBandit proudly offers these sophisticated wristwatches as an authorized retailer, and you can explore the unique selections we have to offer above. See how adding a finishing touch of detail can completely transform your outfit any day of the week with Bonvier.