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Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2013, Bulbul Watches are name for the Persian word for nightingale. A nightingale’s song and plumage are truly beautiful and striking, but the bird is known for being boisterous and unable to be tamed. The name was chosen to reflect both the beauty and the wild originality of the timepieces in the collection of designer watches, and as you explore the collection, you’ll clearly see how fitting a name it truly is. Bulbul designer watches are produced through special collaborations between the brand and up-and-coming Scandinavian designers. The brand commissions talented visionaries to design watches exclusively for the Bulbul collection. The designers are given the freedom to experiment and slowly develop their ideas, refining them until they are completely perfect.

Although it takes longer for their watches to reach the market, Bulbul is able to offer truly unique Danish design watches due to this special approach. All Bulbul Watches are produced in limited runs of a single designer that is interpreted in a number of different ways to offer styles that have broad appeal and options to complete every wardrobe. All of the watches continue the Scandinavian tradition of offering pared down, minimalistic designs that are constructed to extremely high quality standards. Bulbul Watches treat you to the very best when it comes to materials with 316L stainless steel, Swiss-made movements, sapphire crystal faces, and Italian leather featured in their designer watches. Explore the collection now and discover the latest from this line of Danish design watches.