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Eone Watches

What does it mean to make a timepiece for everyone? Eone timepieces has come up with the answer. To make a watch that is accessible to everyone, the brand has focused on providing a high quality, stylish design at an affordable price point. Oh, and they developed a whole new way to tell time on top of it! As a result of their creativity, ingenuity and commitment to quality, Eone watches are truly unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Eone watches are designed to be easily read by the seeing and by the vision impaired. Instead of telling time with conventional hands, the watch features a stainless steel ball and a circling dial. When you want to check the time, you can simply reach down and “read” with your fingertips. Not only does this allow the vision impaired to forgo the use of a talking watch, but it also allows the sighted to easily check the time in the dark.

Incredibly stylish, Eone watches have a minimalistic modern look that is ideal for casual, professional and dressy wear alike. The timepieces are sold in a variety of colour combinations to offer something to appeal to every gentleman’s taste.

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