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Hygge Watches In 1949, P.O.S. Co., Ltd. began creating dials for luxury timepieces. The company’s artisan crafted parts have been featured in some of the best watches the world has ever seen, including some luxurious Swiss and Japanese timepieces. After sixty years of excellence in creating impressive watch parts for other companies, the team at P.O.S. Co., Ltd. decided to put their years of experience to use creating a collection of timepieces unlike any that had ever been made before and Hygge was born.

In order to make Hygge watches truly unique, P.O.S. Co., Ltd. has tapped into the creativity and unique eye of up and coming designers like Mats Lonngren. The Finnish designer is a master of combining form and function in new and innovative ways to create watches that are aesthetically appealing and yet completely functional. His approach to design and the premium Japanese craftsmanship that goes into every Hygge watch makes this a brand that is truly distinctive and one of a kind.

WatchBandit carries all of the latest innovative designs from Hygge and has the perfect timepiece for every gent looking for a watch with Scandinavian sensibility and reliable Japanese performance. Options include chronograph watches with minimalistic modern dials and the finest mesh and leather bands. The Hygge collection also includes a line of futuristic double dial hand timepieces that will have you telling time in a whole new way. A range of colors is offered in each of the Hygge signature lines to offer something for every gentleman’s taste.