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Lord Timepieces are for those who want to become the masters of their own destiny. Each timepiece has been designed to inspire its wearer to take charge of their life, to be the best that they can be and become someone who always stay one step ahead of the curve. Aspiring to build a pressing drive in their customers to follow their dreams, Lord Timepieces wants everyone to understand that time is a precious commodity that cannot be taken for granted. They know that once time leaves us, it can never be brought back, and the company wants everyone to remember this with every glance at their luxury Lord Timepiece.

Dedicated to providing a truly mindful experience to their customers, Lord Timepieces uses an automatic watch movement, with both Swiss Quartz and Japanese Miyota movements available. These movements are tuned by hand in order to allow their wearers to really take a moment and spend time with their watches, reminding themselves of the ever passing present moment. Their cases are made in a variety of black, gold and silver tones of 316 high-precision stainless steel to ensure that each case that can stand the test of time.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized dealer of Lord Timepieces and offers the best of the best here in our shop. A wide range of striking modern timepieces awaits you at competitive prices, so browse the selections above to find the one that suits your personality. Free worldwide shipping is included with every purchase, ensuring that no matter what corner of the globe you hail from, you can seize the day with Lord Timepieces.