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REC Watches The growing interest in sustainability has led to an increase in eco awareness among those who design watches. Many new lines of designer watches have emerged boasting about their recycled materials and eco conscious designs, but with most of these styles it’s difficult to truly know how much of what you’re looking at is truly recycled materials. REC Watches have taken a whole new approach to green timepiece design, creating mens designer watches that truly tell a story. All of the designs in the REC Watches collection are produced from salvaged classic cars. The visionaries behind the line of Danish design watches have selected specific vehicles that inspire them as the inspiration for their designs.

Each of the signature looks in the REC Watches collection pays homage to a specific make of vehicle, and the materials used to construct the case and dial are sourced entirely from one specific reclaimed automobile. To show the authenticity of the green designer watches, the actual VIN number of the vehicle that was the source for the materials is engraved onto the back of the case. Due to the green origin of REC Watches, each timepiece that bears the brand’s name on its dial is one of a kind. No two ever look completely identical, giving men the benefits of owning truly unique timepieces. REC Watches tell stories and are conversation pieces that people will comment on frequently. Each one is carefully crated from the finest of materials, including mineral glass crystal, Miyota movement systems and scratch-resistant mineral glass.