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It used to be that men’s wristwatches were manufactured in artisan’s workshops. There, skilled watchmakers meticulously assembled parts produced locally into exquisite timepieces that were functional and fashionable. In today’s modern world, production now takes place globally with the places watches are designed located thousands of miles away from where they are produced.

But one brand is changing that.

SquareStreet has returned to the traditional way of making watches, producing distinctive timepieces with minimalistic modern appeal that reflects Scandinavian sensibilities. All of the watches offered by SquareStreet are produced in their own workshops out of materials sourced locally in Hong Kong. As a result, the brand is able to maintain a much higher degree of quality control than what’s normally possible even with top luxury brands.

Although SquareStreet watches for men are made the traditional way, they perfectly reflect contemporary trends. The brand is constantly searching for new ways to create timepieces and has developed inventive designs like timepieces with a turning dial and just one hand for tracking the hours. It’s their unique forward-looking approach to design and commitment to traditional artisan craftsmanship that has earned SquareStreet wide acclaim over the last five years since the brand launched.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorised retailer of SquareStreet timepieces and is your source for all of the brands innovative, artisan crafted designs. We have both the one-hand and two-hand SquareStreet Minuteman timepieces in an array of case and strap colors with something that is sure to suit every man’s taste. Explore the collection now and discover what a difference a local approach to design and craftsmanship can make.