3 Stylish NATO Watch Strap and Bracelet Pairings

One of the best things about the bracelet designs and replacement watch bands sold here at Watch Bandit is that you can so easily mix and match them to make stylish statements with your accessories. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can style one of our NATO watch strap designs – the Black & Silver Polished NATO Strap – with our bracelets.

  1. Black & Silver Polished NATO Strap + ONYX Skull Double Wrap Bracelet
    When you combine this edgy skull-studded double strand onyx bead bracelet with our NATO strap, you instantly transform the look of a watch and give it a cool rocker vibe. This pairing is perfect for slipping on with a t-shirt or a flannel.
  2. Black & Silver Polished NATO Strap + Turquoise Leather Gold Anchor Bracelet
    Infusing colour with the leather anchor bracelet gives the NATO strap a vivid, eye-catching effect. Don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes either. In this case, the yellow gold tone on the anchor adds a bold counterpoint to the cool silver stainless steel hardware on the watch strap because of the big difference in the hues of the bracelets.
  3. Black & Silver Polished NATO Strap + Black Braided Leather Bracelet
    This pairing is simple but striking. You can easily wear it to the office or out on the weekends with equally stylish results due to the simplicity of the black leather and the neutral colours of the stripes.

What would you wear with the Black & Silver Polished NATO Strap? Shop our bracelet collection and check out our entire assortment of NATO watch strap options to come up with your own pairings.

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