7 Upcoming Danish Watch Brands

When it comes to design, Denmark has always been well represented. We have selected 7 upcoming Danish watch brands that very much keeps the tradition alive (random order).

1: BulBul

BulBul The Ore

Bulbul Watches was founded in 2013 by globetrotting design-enthusiast, Jacob Juul

2: Kanske Denmark

Kanske Denmark

Kanske was founded in 2015 and they know what you want from your watch, which is why the Kanske Denmark brand is minimalistic, elegant, and functional – it’s high quality watchmaking at its best.

3: Nexo Denmark

Nexo Denmark

The first collection , which Nexo Denmark launched in April 15′ is inspired by the nature and history of the Danish Island Bornholm.

4: About Vintage

About Vintage

With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, About Vintage focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent.

5: Linde Werdelin

Linde Werdelin

In 2002, Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde partnered to develop a new idea: a highly crafted sports watch, when required, can be combined with a professional digital instrument to provide the right level of information at the right time for skiing and diving.

6: Manniche

Manniche watches

The MANNICHE brand is defined by contemporary Scandinavian minimalism, expressed in a stylish and masculine way.

7: Sebastian Frost

Sebastian Frost

Since 1999 we have developed our company from being a traditional goldsmith workshop, where Sebastian made everything by hand, to a contemporary designdriven company where Sebastian designs his own timepieces.

(Pictures kindly borrowed from the Danish Brands)

3 thoughts on “7 Upcoming Danish Watch Brands

  1. Ib Skov says:

    About Vintage is absolutely the best

    1. Nikolas Vaage-Nilsen says:

      Agree – an ‘About Vintage’ is missing from this list!

  2. Chris Hansen says:

    REC Watches is also missing from this in my opinion

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