A Classy Reimagining of a Rolex Submariner

When we Spotted this pairing from @oslokiropraktoren, we were looking for the perfect words to describe it right away because we knew we wanted to include it on Spotted. It turns out that one of our followers knew just what to say.

To quote user @Watchseeker, it is a “Classy bond look” indeed!

This look features one of our NATO watch straps styled with a Rolex Submariner. The strap that @oslokiropraktoren chose has a black central stripe with two green stripes to brighten it up. The black stripe enhances the black look of the dial and the bezel of the Rolex, while the green adds a fashionable finishing touch to give the Rolex Submariner a little military-inspired style.

Great photo, @oslokiropraktoren! Thank you for sharing it!

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