A Look at the Watch Bandit Mesh Strap Collection

A mesh strap can give a timepiece a sleek, modern look, and when you shop at WatchBandit, you can find the perfect mesh band to go on any timepiece. Our collection of artisan crafted, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel straps includes three different designs.

Here’s a quick look at each one:

  • The Mesh I Strap. The WatchBandit Mesh I Strap has a very fine metal mesh texture. From afar, it almost looks to be a continuous piece of metal rather than mesh. The strap has a sliding buckle that allows you to alter the length to a number of preset options, and it fastens with a fold-over clasp.
  • The Mesh II Strap. The WatchBandit Mesh II Strap has a coarser mesh weave that is more visible from afar. Like the Mesh I, it has a sliding buckle; however, the thickness of the metal allows it to be adjusted to any point on the watch. A fold-over clasp is used to secure the mesh band.
  • The Mesh III Strap. The WatchBandit Mesh III Strap has the coarsest, stiffest mesh weave that gives it a look similar to that of a nylon weave. Riveted holes and a traditional buckle closure are featured in the design as well as two highly polished loops.

There you have it – three stylish mesh strap options! Learn more about the designs and see photos of them over in our online store. If you have questions about any of the straps or need help selecting the right one for your watch, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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