A Quick and Simple Guide to Miro Watches

Named after the Catalan surrealist painter Joan Miro, Miro watches are earning fans all around the world. Watch lovers are blogging about the timepieces, chatting about them on the message boards and discussing them on social media.

If you’re considering getting a Miro watch of your own, here’s a quick guide on how to select the perfect one for your collection:

  1. Start with the Dial Colour. Currently, Miro is offering just one type of case with a brushed finish and a traditional lug design. The hour markers are also the same on all of the models. This means that when it comes to select the look that you like, you really only need to compare the dial colours. Currently, the options are grey, creme and black. The black and grey designs have light white hands, and the creme designs feature dark charcoal grey hands.
  2. Choose Your Strap Material. Once you’ve focused on the dials you prefer, you get to choose whether you prefer a genuine leather strap or a stainless steel mesh bracelet. Opt for leather, and you can pick chocolate brown or honey gold colours.
  3. Enjoy Your New Watch. There isn’t even a step three to the process! Once you know which case and strap will best suit your tastes, you’re ready to buy!

As you can see, finding the perfect style to complete your wardrobe from the collection of Miro watches here at WatchBandit couldn’t be easier. Check out the styles now and find your favourite.

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