A Rosy Look for a Rolex GMT-Master 2

This time on Spotted, we have another great photo from gmtfanatic, and we’re excited to show it off. This look shows a great play of contrasting colours and illustrates what stylish effects you can get with creative mixing and matching.

The timepiece featured with gmtfanatic is a Rolex GMT-Master 2 with a black dial and bezel and emerald green accents on the second hand and the face. Purple and red are contrasting tones for green, so placing our Rose Gold Burgundy Leather Anchor Bracelet beside the timepiece has a really bold impact on the Rolex. The striking difference between the green and the burgundy colour makes both hues really stand out, and we love the way the rose gold contrasts with the silver bracelet and case.

Thanks for posting the picture, gmtfanatic! Please keep sharing!

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