A Tudor and a Skull

Are you ready for another edition of SPOTTED? Now’s the time to get some style inspiration by checking out how our customers wear their WatchBandit accessories. This look was submitted by Instagram user @mistertudor, and there is a complete outfit here to admire!

The watch shown here is a Tudor Heritage Black Bay timepiece with a blue dial, a red bezel and a silver bracelet and case. With his handsome watch, @mistertudor is shown sporting one of our skull bracelets. This cord bracelet features a sterling silver skull bead for an edgy look. It adds a cool final detail to this striped shirt and jeans ensemble.

Great photo, @mistertudor! We appreciate you sharing it!

We’d love to take a look at one of your wrist shots, too! Include a tag for @watchbandits on Instagram and keep an eye out on our blog! You may end up being the next customer to get SPOTTED.

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2 thoughts on “A Tudor and a Skull

  1. Max says:

    Nice product.

  2. The watch is cool I have purchased as a gift for someone special.

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