Adjustable buckles on our 22mm perlon straps

Here at WatchBandit, we’re completely committed to helping watch lovers keep their timepieces maintained and transform their appearances with different watch bands to suit every occasion. Our lines of replacement watch straps is always changing with new colours being added to give you more options from which to choose and to reflect the latest trends in watch designs. Now, we’re adding a new version of one of our best-selling watch straps to our inventory, and we’re excited to tell you about it!

The new product that we’re featuring is a remake of our conventional Perlon strap. Don’t worry–we’re not changing a thing about the design of the band itself. It’s still made from the finest quality Perlon nylon 6 material and has the same plaited design that’s made it so popular. What we’ve done has made our Perlon watch strap even better than before–we’ve added an adjustable buckle to our 22-millimeter strap design!

That’s right! For the first time ever, we’re offering a Perlon strap in 22mm with an adjustable buckle rather than our classic NATO buckle. The adjustable buckles are the quality you’d expect to get from WatchBandit and are made entirely out of the finest quality stainless steel. With the adjustable buckle, you can now lengthen or shorten your Perlon strap to get a more customised fit.

We introduced our new adjustable buckle Perlon strap based on the feedback of our customers, and we hope you’ll continue to tell us what we can do to make your shopping experience at WatchBandit even better. Contact us any time with suggestions or ideas. We’d love to hear from you! And be sure to check out the new adjustable buckle Perlon straps!

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