The first watches were produced more than 500 years ago and were a far cry from the lightweight, streamlined designs of today. Throughout the history of the timepiece, certain looks have become as eternal as man’s desire to track the hours. These signature styles have become a part of our collected style consciousness and serve as the inspiration for the Aevig timepiece collection, a line of watches that brings the past together with the present, creating styles that will remain appealing well into the future.

A Timepiece for All Eternity

Aevig gets its name from the Ancient Norse word for “eternal.” The name was chosen to reflect the philosophy of Aevig, that timepieces should be made to last a lifetime and to remain stylish despite coming and going trends. The line of designer timepieces is based in the Netherlands and was first launched in 2013. Watches are produced in China to keep costs low, but Aevig is known for the strict quality controls that they place on manufacturing to ensure that they always deliver a truly impressive product. The materials used in the timepieces are sourced from the Netherlands, Japan and Switzerland with only the finest of components going into each watch.

Retro Meets Modern

All of the Aevig timepieces have a truly distinctive design. The brand is inspired by vintage watches, making their designs familiar and appealing. At the same time, Aevig watches reflect modern sensibilities. Contemporary flourishes are incorporated into each design to appeal to gentlemen who want to be on the pulse of fashion but prefer classic watch designs. It’s this approach to styling that has already made Aevig a noted name and a coveted brand among watch collectors, fashion critics and timepiece connoisseurs in so short a period of time.

Four Signature Styles

Currently, Aevig offers four signature designs, each of which has its own distinctive details. They include:

– The Huldra – The Huldra is Aevig’s take on the classic retro diver watch and can withstand depths of up to 200 meters. You can see the watch designs of the 1960s and 1970s reflected in the stainless steel bracelet band. For a modern twist, the Huldra is offered in a number of dial colors.

– The Corvid – The Corvid is the Aevig field watch that comes complete with a premium nylon strap. The watch is designed to stand up to extreme conditions and boasts an amazing 6-year battery life.

– The Balaur – The Balaur is a super compressor timepiece that has enhanced features for the modern male. An internal bezel makes it possible to set the watch with a second time zone for traveling or to use the timepiece as a timer.

– The Valkyr – The Valyr is Aevig’s sports watch design and is currently available for pre-order. The timepiece dial is inspired by the 1960s and comes in an assortment of contemporary colors. A premium leather rally strap finishes the design.

All Aevig timepieces are produced in limited quantities, making demand for them very high. Gentlemen interested in becoming the owners of Aevig timepieces should follow the brand for advanced notice of pre-sales.

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