Aevum Watches: Inspired by Automotive Passion

Oftentimes in the timepiece industry, many products appear to be uninspired. Indeed, many wristwatches seem to want to be the newest, the shiniest; the most gadgetry and flashy, but they lack true history and real life inspiration. Not Aevum Time watches. These beautiful timepieces stand out as original and beautiful while having their roots planted firmly in reality–namely inspired by cars and their enthusiasts. Aevum Time watches are modeled after the belief that your watch should reflect your passions in life, causing them to create wristwatches that speak to the beauty and drive inside of car lovers everywhere.

Aevum Watches

The Aevum Time Apex watch was designed in order to truly give car enthusiasts a wristwatch they could be proud of. These watches take their cues from all aspects of a nicely manufactured car without being too out of place or gaudy. They reflect passion for automotives in a tasteful way. In fact, the Aevum Apex watch is one formal enough to be worn proudly in a business or office setting or a fancy dinner out at a five star restaurant while also being casual enough for daily wear or a nice weekend at the park or beach.

Aevum Watches

Made with a reliable Japanese NH35A movement from Seiko, these watches are as accurate as they are beautiful. A sapphire glass protects the face of the watch and resists scratches. Keeping it all together is a high quality stainless steel that provides a sleek and elegant look. It is water resistant and luminescent, making it the perfect watch for any and all occasions.

Aevum Watches

Aevum Time Apex watches are currently being crowdfunded on kickstarter, and at the time of writing, they have reached 45% of their monetary goal. Their watches coast around $298 to preorder them, $100 off of the debut price. To learn more about these beautiful timepieces.

Aevum Watches

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  1. keith says:

    Great to see a fantastic watch like this.
    I love motor and motorsport related watches.

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