Air Blue Watches: Men’s Watches Take Flight

The military has long been an influence on the world of watches. If it wasn’t for the armed forces, we wouldn’t have the classic NATO watch strap or the Zulu strap, and many innovations in watch design have been made to provide soldiers with more reliable, durable timepieces to wear in the midst of battle. Now, the designers behind Deep Blue diver watches have turned their eyes to the skies, deepening the connection between aviation and timekeeping with their Air Blue Watches collection.

Air Blue Watches is a line of aviation timepieces made specifically for pilots but also inspired by historic aircraft. All of the watches are built with performance in mind with features like sapphire crystals that make the watches highly scratch resistant and movements that have been put through arduous testing to ensure that they are reliable. As stylish as they are practical, the timepieces are the official watches of the world renowned Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.

Currently, the Air Blue Watches collection includes four distinct lines, each of which is named after a character from the NATO phonetic alphabet. There are three timepieces in the Alpha line, while the Bravo, Charlie and Delta lines come in two styles: chronograph and automatic. The watches are all exclusively available for purchase at this time by contributing to the Air Blue Watches Kickstarter campaign, which has already been fully funded but had 14 days left to close out at the time that this profile was written.

After the campaign ends, Air Blue Watches will be available for purchase from the brand’s official website.

(Picture by Air Blue Watches)

3 thoughts on “Air Blue Watches: Men’s Watches Take Flight

  1. Awesome, simple design but very nice-looking, it would look even better with a military-style NATO/Zulu strap, or simply an alligator leather watch band.

    1. Luzy Sofer says:

      I agreed with you Brian, I also using one more than 3 year’s and it’s still looking great.

  2. Rick says:

    I purchased my first Air Blue approximately one year ago, which also represents my last. I love the watch, but unfortunately it has quit working. I wanted to send it in for repairs, but after attempting to contact the company by email on more than one occasion over a weeks time, they never responded. I also attempted calling, but no one was available to answer my call. I left a message with my information four days ago and have not received a return call. Sorry, Air Blue, I’ve written you off.

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