AkriviA Watches: Haute Horology from Geneva

When you think of Swiss watches, some of the finest brands in the world come to mind. You think of Rolex. You think of Brietling. You think of TAG Heuer. You think of Tissot and Omega and many other bands that have been on the market for centuries. Within a few years, though, watch lovers may think of another name when Swiss luxury is mentioned–AkriviA.

AkriviA specializes in haute horology. If you’ve not heard the term before, it is a rather chic way of saying that the brand manufactures luxury timepieces the traditional way by hand. All of the AkriviA watches have traditional mechanical movement systems; however, the design approach at the brand is to combine these classic inner workings with sleek, modern exteriors that appeal to a whole new generation of timepiece aficionados. The watches provide that level of luxury one would expect from Swiss haute horology but with a look that is on the pulse of the latest design trends.

Based in Geneva, AkriviA is the work of watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi. From the age of 14, Rexhepi was fascinated by timepieces and determined to learn more about how they work. Over the years, he has honed his craft and developed new ways of designing chronograph mechanical watches that set his work apart from other watches on the market today.

Currently, AkriviA can only be purchased from a select number of fine retailers worldwide. The watches are made in only limited editions, which adds to their remarkable value and makes them truly extra special.

(Picture by AkriviA Watches)

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