Alberta Watches: Inspired by Nature, Made for Those Who Love Exploring It

The term outdoor watches can easily conjure images of plain plastic watches that are devoid of character. In the past, men who needed timepieces that could stand up to rugged conditions had to settle for watches built with only function in mind, but a new brand has emerged to offer both form and function. That brand is Alberta Watches, and they recently enjoyed major success with a Kickstarter launch on their first timepiece design.

It took founder and designer Leo Josephy a full year to come up with the design for the first Alberta watch. He became motivated to start his own watch brand due to his own frustrations with finding a functional, yet fashionable watch. Timepieces that were durable enough to be worn when exploring the great outdoors just weren’t nice enough looking to wear for everyday use, and many were exorbitantly priced. Josephy wanted to create a watch that could be worn outside and with a suit equally well and that could be sold for an economical price. To create his designs, he drew inspiration from the mountain and prairie landscapes of Alberta. The finished results is a truly exceptional, ultra durable timepiece.

All told, the Alberta Watches Kickstarter raised more than $50,000 CAD. Although the campaign is now closed, Alberta Watches is still accepting pre-orders on their timepieces on their website. The Alberta watch can be purchased with a standard leather strap for $100 Canadian or with a locally crafted Saddlemaker leather strap for $140 Canadian.

(Picture by Alberta Watches)

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