Alpina Watches: The Original Sports Watch

When you think of a sports watch, you may envision an awkward fitting, bulky piece of plastic with a digital interface and no real style to speak of, but not if you’ve ever laid eyes on an Alpina watch. Long before the days of the shoddily made digital, there was the Alpina sports watch, a luxurious timepiece built to stand up to tough conditions but still look stylish on a man’s wrist when he’s indoors. The Swiss watch maker is considered the pioneer of the original sports watch and continues their tradition of developing fine quality timepieces to this day.

In 1883, Gottlieb Hauser founded his own watch company with a vision of creating timepieces that were rugged enough to be worn high in the Swiss Alps by intrepid adventurers. After winning numerous awards during the early 20th century, Alpina became legendary in the world of European timepieces. Over the course of the brand’s rich history, Alpina has remained on the forefront of innovation, continually developing new technologies to make watches more durable and more useful to the people who wear them. Today, watches are still artisan crafted one by one, and each timepiece is put through a rigorous quality test before being made available for sale.

Alpina watches are available from a number of fine retailers as well as for direct purchase from the manufacturer at their official online store. Prices range from $2000 to $6000, and there are a wide variety of styles for men and for women available in the collection.

(Picture by Alpina Watches)

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