An Ultra Sleek Rolex DateJust Styling

When we Spotted this photo recently, we couldn’t help but say “Oooooo!” This look put together by @_erickxp_ is pure perfection. We couldn’t stop staring at it, and we’re sure you’ll have a similar reaction as you study its details.

This look features a very striking Rolex DateJust Watch with polished silver lugs, a silver coin edge bezel, a silver dial and silver Roman numeral markers. While your first instinct with a monochrome watch like this may be to jazz it up with colour, @_erickxp_ opted to maintain the sleek aesthetic by adding our Light Grey Perlon Strap to the watch. Not only is the colour great with all of the tones of silver, but the weave of the Perlon looks intriguing beside the bezel.

Thank you for posting this great combo, @_erickxp_!

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