Analog Watch Co: A New Watch Every Day

Many men are fond of switching their watches to match their ensembles, but for these gentlemen, putting together a large enough collection of timepieces to coordinate with everything can quickly become expensive. The Analog Watch Co was founded specifically for the man who wants to coordinate watches with his ensembles. The brand’s line of stylish watches for men makes it possible to easily change the look of a single watch again and again.

With Analog Watch Co, men can purchase a sleek, minimalist modern watch case in a go-with-everything style that they love. Then, they can purchase a seemingly unlimited number of straps that they can mix and match with that one watch case. Unlike other timepieces, the Analog Watch Co case design is made specifically for swapping out watch bands. Making a switch is as easy as sliding the watch case off one band and onto the other. No tools of any kind are needed, and the watch cases stay securely in place once they are moved.

Founded in 2013, Analog Watch Co is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company originally began with a Kickstarter campaign and was founded by an artist and industrial designer. By the end of his campaign, the founder had earned more than $75,000 in funding. The artistic eye of founder Lorenzo Buffa is evident in the sleek aesthetics of the watches and straps in the Analog Watch Co collection.

Currently, Analog Watch Co is accepting preorders for their new marble watches, and their wood watch collection is available for purchase at their online store.

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