Anchor Bracelet Customer WristShot

Recently, we spotted a great stacked pairing featuring one of our anchor bracelets on Instagram. This great look was posted by @chrissernh who placed one of our anchors alongside his Nixon wristwatch, and we love how the two accessories go together.

This pairing shows how an anchor bracelet can make a minimalist modern watch really pop. The silver tone of the anchor is a great match for the over sized round case and bracelet band of the watch, while the royal blue colour of the maritime cord adds a nice bright contrast with the black hue of the dial. We love how the white accent fibers bring out the silver hour markers and minute markers on the watch, and the salmon adds a final hint of colour.

Thanks for sharing your photo, @chrissernh!

Want your chance to be SPOTTED? Upload a picture of your anchor bracelet pairing to Instagram and tag us. You could be our next featured wrist!

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