WatchBandit Anchor Rope Bracelet Designs: Four Options and One Stylish Accessory

At WatchBandit, our anchor rope bracelet jewelry is one of our most popular selling collections due to the quality and large selection of looks that we feature. Currently, we have four different types of anchor bracelets available.

Here is a look at each variety:

  1. White Gold Anchors
    Our white gold anchors have silver toned fasteners that are plated with genuine white gold. The pieces in this collection coordinate well with silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel and tungsten jewelry as well as white gold pieces. You’ll find the largest selection of styles in our white gold anchor range currently with leather and maritime rope options.
  2. Yellow Gold Anchors
    Our yellow gold anchors have traditional gold toned fasteners that are plated with real yellow gold. You can easily wear these pieces with gold jewelry of any quality as well as with brass jewelry designs. All of the yellow gold anchor designs that we’re currently carrying feature Italian leather cord.
  3. Rose Gold Anchors
    Our rose gold anchors have a slight pinkish hue on their anchor fasteners and are plated with real rose gold. These pieces go best with other rose gold jewelry as well as copper jewelry. Like the yellow gold anchors, these bracelets are all made from leather.
  4. Black Anchors
    Our black anchors feature anchor fasteners that are finished with a PVD coating that won’t rub off with age. You can mix and match these pieces with all types of jewelry including pieces that have black PVD plating or electroplating. The black anchor collection includes rope and leather looks.

Now that you know just what you’ll find in our anchor rope bracelet collection, you’re ready to shop! Browse our wide selection of anchors now and order one or more of these stylish, artisan crafted accessories.

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