Anchors Aweigh for a Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch

Leave it to an Instagram user named @mistertudor to have us stunned with an ultra stylish pairing of a Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch with one of our nautical bracelets! We recently Spotted this photo on Instagram and were anxious to feature it here on our blog.

This great pairing starts with a Tudor Heritage Black Bay Watch that has a ruby red bezel and a handsome black dial. The case and bracelet are silver and luminous white dots are positioned on the face to mark the hours. With this stylish timepiece, @mistertudor styled the White Gold Caspian Sea Anchor Bracelet. This piece has an olive green nautical rope base that is the ideal contrast for the red bezel, yet its red and white accent fibres tie the bracelet together with the bezel and markers on the timepiece. When you add in the look of the white gold plating on the anchor beside the silver case and dial, you get a truly flawless effect!

Thanks for sharing @mistertudor!

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