Anchors Aweigh: A New Range of Anchor Bracelets from WatchBandit

The anchor bracelet trend is still sailing on smooth seas with men all over the world dropping anchors by showing off nautical inspired wrap bracelets on their arms. The classic anchor bracelet is made out of a maritime sailing rope and finished with a precious metal anchor clasp, but here at WatchBandit, we’ve recently introduced a brand new look to the high seas fashion trend with our stylish Rose Gold Anchor Bracelets.

Instead of traditional nylon rope, we have designed our new Rose Gold Anchor Bracelets with premium Italian leather. We seek out the absolute finest quality available to give the bracelets an exquisite texture to match their attractive details. The anchor that we use is over sized to make it stand out and to allow it to securely hold the bracelets in place. Emblazoned with our logo, the anchor features genuine rose gold plating, which gives it a copper coloured hue.

The Rose Gold Anchor Bracelets are artisan crafted, making them truly luxurious accessories for men and women. The bracelets are designed to wrap around the wrist at least 1.5 to 2 times. One size fits all, the leather wraps can be adjusted for length.

You can check out the entire collection of Rose Gold Anchor Bracelets here at WatchBandit to see the stylish range of colours for yourself. The bracelets are currently selling for 39,95€ or $45.95. We have everything from neutral looks to vivid, striking colours available, so shop the collection now and bring home a new twist on the nautical trend to complete your wardrobe.

(Pictures by gmtfanatic)

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  1. chirag patel says:

    What a cool collection! Just loved it and will try to enhance my look with these style tips and accessories.

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