Angelo Del Mare Timepieces: Striving for Perfection

Is it possible to make a perfect timepiece? While most people think perfection is unattainable, the visionaries behind Angelo Del Mare disagree. Based in Switzerland, the design house is committed to continuously striving for perfection by producing watches from the finest available materials one at a time using traditional handcrafting techniques.

At present, Angelo Del Mare has watches in three distinctive styles available for purchase. All of the watches are water resistant at depths of up to 300 meters and feature automatic self-winding mechanisms that are carefully inspected and fully documented prior to being added to the handcrafted watches. The designs feature a 316L stainless steel mesh band and a polished stainless steel case. The main difference between the three designs is the style of the hour markers, as men have their choice of a look with ordinal numbers at the quarterly positions or simple bar markers at every point.

Men who are interested in purchasing Angelo Del Mare watches must act quickly. Each year, the Angelo Del Mare factory produces only a limited number of each of their watches. Typically, timepieces are produced only in batches of 100, and each watch is numbered to show its authenticity. By limiting the quantity of manufacturing runs, Angelo Del Mare is able to control quality and to maintain the exclusivity of their luxury brand.

When Angelo Del Mare watches are first introduced, they usually are sold for around €1,250, and then the price increases to roughly €2,500. The watches can only be purchased directly from the brand at their official website.

(Picture by Angelo Del Mare)

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