Anicorn Series K452 Watches: An Out of this World Design

Many men’s watches are inspired by aviation, but a pair of watch designers is looking beyond the blue sky when creating their luxury watches. That brand is Anicorn, and their new timepieces, Anicorn Series K452 Watches, are inspired by space travel, making them truly out of this world.

Anicorn Series K452 Watches are named for Kepler-452B, a planet outside of our solar system that was officially announced by NASA back in 2015. Called Earth 2, this planet is sparking the curiosity of astronomers, just as the new Anicorn Series K452 Watches immediately arouse interest when you view them. The watch dial is made up of two circulating dials–an outer ring that tracks the hours and an inner ring that tracks the minutes. Very easy to read, the hands-free design allows men to tell time simply but in a very unique way. The watches do not require a battery or winding, as they are repowered by kinetic energy.

Anicorn Series K452 Watches are being brought to market through a Kickstarter campaign that is already an incredible success. The designers set a goal of $50,000 when they launched their project and at the time this piece was written, they had already raised more than $135,000 from more than 370 backers. With 15 days still to go in the campaign, Anicorn Watches is working toward stretch goals with many rewards still available for men who want to own Anicorn Series K452 Watches. The timepieces are expected to ship in September 2016.

(Picture & Video by Anicorn Watches)

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