Anicorn Watches: A Modern Take on Watchmaking

It seems that so many designer watch brands produce more of the same, copying their previous designs and imitating one another. While the timepieces made by the big brands have their own appeal, they lack originality and have the men who wear them looking just like everyone else. Anicorn Watches is a brand founded to bring something truly new and innovative to the world of modern designer watches, and this independent watchmaker is quickly attracting gentlemen who want be in style, on time and sharply dressed.

Anicorn Watches focuses on three features when developing new timepieces: design, typeface and mechanism. The design refers to the way the watches display time itself. The creative visionaries at the watchmaker strive to make their dials incredibly easy to read and more intuitive than the conventional dial design that keeps being copied simply to keep with tradition, not because it really makes timepieces easy to read.

To Anicorn Watches, the style of the numbers on the dial or their typeface is one of the most important features of their watches. The brand teams up with typographers to create unique, stylish number designs that are distinctive and stylish, yet simple to read. The mechanism of Anicorn Watches refers to the brand’s commitment to only use automatic movement systems, believing this to be better for the planet and more convenient for the men who purchase their designs.

Currently, Anicorn Watches is offering their first line Series 000 in three colours for sale exclusively on their website at We offer the beautiful watches from Anicorn here on WatchBandit you will find them in our watch catalog.

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