AQUADIVE: Reviving a Classic Brand

If you’re a diver, you’ve likely head of AQUADIVE watches before. After all, the company has been a favourite among professional divers for decades. Still, you don’t have to have ever slipped on an oxygen tank and a pair of fins to appreciate the finely crafted timepieces in the AQUADIVE collection. Any man who wants a durable timepiece that can stand up to the demands of an active lifestyle is sure to appreciate AQUADIVE watches.

AQUADIVE watches debuted in 1962 and quickly gained renown for being capable of withstanding deep water better than other diver watches made at the time. Designed in America, the watches were handcrafted. This also separated them from the other diver watches on the market, which were mostly mass produced along assembly lines.

Although many divers continued to wear AQUADIVE watches during the 1980s and beyond, the brand stopped producing watches in the 1970s. Fans of AQUADIVE longed for the return of the brand, and in 2011, they finally got their wish. That’s when AQUADIVE watches went into production again at a factory in Pforzheim, Germany.

What makes the new generation of AQUADIVE watches truly unique is that they feature contemporary designs but use vintage parts, making them the perfect mix of old and new. When authentic vintage parts are not available, AQUADIVE uses state-of-the-art CNC machines to produce replicas of the original parts to make the timepieces as authentic as possible. You can purchase AQUADIVE watches directly from the brand at their official website.

(Picture by AQUADIVE)

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