Aquastar Geneve: Plunge Into Watchmaking History

Aquastar Geneve is one of the world’s preeminent designers of nautical timepieces and nautical instruments used aboard both recreational and commercial vessels. Founded in 1962, the brand has made major contributions to the design of timepieces, as a brief review of its history shows.

– 1960s. The very first Aquastar Geneve watch offered water resistance of up to 500 meters, which was unheard of at the time. In order to make this unparalleled level of waterproofing possible, the brand developed a special O ring that completely sealed the case.

– 1970s. In the 1970s, Aquastar Geneve added a feature to their nautical Regatta line of watches that made it possible to visually track departure times. This feature is still used in modern Aquastar Geneve and involves the use of coloured dots. The visualisation on the dial has inspired many other watch designs from notable nautical timepiece brands.

– 1980s. In the 1980s, Aquastar Geneve pushed the design of diver watches forward by offering the first ever quartz movement watch capable of withstanding the pressure of water at depths of up to 500 meters. The feat was made possible by a new case design that was constructed from a single block of stainless steel and completely free of seams.

Today, the Aquastar Geneve collection includes three main lines with a variety of styles offered for each model. All of the watches can be purchased directly from Aquastar Geneve and from select retailers. The Match Race II and Match Race III retail for under €150, while the Regatta retails for around €1000.

(Picture by Aquastar Geneve)

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