Autodromo Watches: Driven for Style

When you get behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle, you can’t help but get excited. The power and style of a fine automobile just speaks to something inside you. For gents who love watches, slipping on a finely crafted timepiece can be a similarly thrilling experience, and one brand, Autodromo, is seeking to make that even more pronounced with a line of timepieces inspired by vintage cars.

Founded by an industrial designer who loves cars, Autodromo is a line of timepieces and accessories that capture the fun of driving a fine automobile. All of the watches draw inspiration from details of retro vehicles, such as the headlights, grilles and instrument panels. Every watch is designed in-house by a small team of designers, and their looks are minimalist with both vintage mid-century modern and sleek contemporary appeal.

Watches produced by Autodromo are well built, not just stylish. The watches feature precision movement systems, and some have both automatic and mechanical movements included in their designs. Cases made from stainless steel and titanium give Autodromo watches superior durability to many others on the market, while keeping their weight surprisingly light. The brand also has a patented buckle design that makes their watches easy to fasten.

Autodromo watches are sold primarily at the brand’s online store. Prices range from $350 to $1000 depending on the model. The brand ships their watches to locations worldwide and also sells replacement watch straps for their timepieces and for adding a touch of racing-inspired flair to other watches.

(Picture by Autodromo)

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