Azula Watches Bring Social Conscious Fashion to Kickstarter

There’s something about wearing a fashionable watch that just boosts your spirits, and when you know that the watch you’re wearing has helped to do good for others in the world, that feeling is even better. Azula Watches seeks to improve the lives of impoverished craftsmen all over the world while allowing men to enjoy wearing completely unique watches.

Azula Watches differ from a conventional men’s watch in that the faces are covered with fabric. Bold striped materials are used to give the faces plenty of character, and simple, vintage inspired metallic hour markers and stick hands are used to track the hours to complement the prints without drawing attention away from them. Durable nylon bands in coordinating colours and silver-toned cases finish the look.

All of the fabrics used in Azula Watches designs are made by skilled artisans in Laos, Indonesia and Thailand, and the watches are sewn and stitched by hand. The company partners with craftsmen throughout the region, paying them a fair living wage. As a result, men and women are able to provide for their families.

To bring their watch collection to market, Azula Watches hopes to raise a total of $45,000 on kickstarter by 3 September 2015. At the time this blog post was written, the company was about 10 per cent of the way to their goal with 21 days remaining. Many rewards were still available to be claimed for those who wish to be the first to receive their own fabric timepieces.

(Picture & Video by Azula Watches)

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