BaliHa’i Watches: Made by Divers for Divers

If you were brand new to diving and wanted to buy a high quality diver watch for your gear, you’d trust the advice of an experienced diver to help you choose the right watch. It turns out if you want to make the truly perfect diver watch, you should take the same approach–ask divers what they want! That’s the way that the BaliHa’i watch brand was born back in 2008, and today, the brand offers some truly impressive timepieces for divers.

BaliHa’i watches are unique because they were designed by divers using the input of fellow divers. The brand started out of watch collector and diving message boards where enthusiasts were discussing the shortcomings of the diver watches that were available on the market. From reading the forum posts, it became clear to the brand’s founders that while a lot of watches on the market had one or two good features there just weren’t any that had everything divers wanted in a tool watch to wear in the water. Using the feedback and their own experience as a guide, they set out to create a truly perfect diver watch design.

Since the first 1000-meter, vintage-inspired diver’s watch was released by BaliHa’i, the brand has gone on to create four other styles, two of which are currently available for purchase. All of the BaliHa’i timepieces have a distinctive case back engraved with an image of a Hawaiian girl seated on a totem. You can learn more about the watches at the official BaliHa’i website.

(Picture by BaliHa’i Watches)

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