Benarus Watches: Proof That Less Is More

It seems like so many watch manufacturers focus on adding more and more to their watch designs in order to set them apart from competitors. But do these complicated sports watches and diver watches really offer something more? Apart from costing more money, the answer is not really. Benarus is a new watch company that is taking a completely different approach to watchmaking–one that centers on the philosophy that less is more.

The first thing that separates Benarus watches from other sports and diver watches on the market is the simplicity of their dials. The designers at the brand have clearly thought carefully about what makes a watch easy to read when you’re in the middle of a dive, a match or a hike. Super luminova technology is used to help the watches glow as brightly as possible, and the hour markers are simplified, so you can tell the time with just a quick glance. All of the watches feature durable sapphire crystals, and the watches are made from an assortment of ultra durable precious metals that includes titanium, 316L stainless steel and bronze.

Currently, the Benarus Moray watch is available for purchase directly from Benarus online. The watch is available in three different sizes and styles with prices ranging from $500 to $700 for U.S. orders. In November or December 2015, Benarus will introduce their new timepiece the Benarus Megalodon. The watch will only be produced in limited quantities. Pricing information has not been made available yet.

(Picture by Benarus Watches)

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