Bernhardt Watch Company: An American Watchmaker with Unmistakable Passion

What would you do if you were let go from the job you had been doing for 20 years? Most people would try desperately to find employment in a similar field nearby or consider relocating to another place to find work. Fred B. Amos did something a little different. He started his own watch company. Today, the Bernhardt Watch Company sells timepieces all over the world and offers timepieces of unparalleled quality that show a true love for watchmaking.

Fred Amos became interested in watches after seeing his friend’s Rolex. His interest piqued, he began reading and learning about timepieces and finally purchased a Rolex of his own. This sparked a passion for collecting, and soon, Amos was deeply involved with collectors’ groups online. Upon losing his job, he decided to make a custom watch for a local university. From there, he was commissioned to make watches for three more schools. Finally, he decided to create a private watch line for people like him who truly loved well-made, stylish watch designs.

Currently, the Bernhardt Watch Company includes more than eight styles for men. Prices start at around $175 and go only as high as $500, making the timepieces from the Bernhardt Watch Company very affordable. All of the watches are highly unique, though each one has a touch of vintage flair that is indicative of Amos’ passion for timeless luxury watches. You can check out the collection and purchase Bernhardt Watch Company timepieces from the brand’s online store.

(Picture by Bernhardt Watch Company)

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