Bettél Watches: Where Nature Meets the City

In an industry full of shiny metal gadgets that struggle to compete with one another, there is one brand of watches that truly stands out, and that is Bettél watches. Bettél strives to create bespoke watches that are made from handcrafted wood that comes from sustainable hardwoods and bamboo, offering sleek leather interchangeable straps that complement the wood perfectly.

Bettél believes that the time is now — that there is no greater time than the present to take that giant leap into the unknown to pursue their dreams. They fear standing still and not accomplishing something great, so they decided to take their chances in the watchmaking industry — and succeeded. Bettél believes that local business entrepreneurship and economic growth is vital to any community and therefore takes their craft and those values seriously.

Inspired by the beauty of Cape Town, South Africa, they mesh together the elements found around them to create their stunning watches. These durable watches are made around the observation that nature exists around a city and the city interacts with it as a result, creating a beautiful crossroads which has inspired Bettél.

These watches are dustproof, moisture resistant, have undergone a 10kg stress test and test watches have been dropped from 8m above the ground repeatedly while remaining in perfect condition. The handcrafted, artisan nature of these watches only serves to make them that much more valuable and deserving to be cherished.

Bettél watches are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter to bring their big dreams to life. At the time of writing, $2,994 of their $6,561 goal has been reached with 19 days left to go. By backing them with a modest $75, you will receive your own Bettél watch.

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