Birline Watches: Colouring the World of Watchmaking

When you look at a collection of timepieces on a computer screen or sitting inside of a jewellery case in a store, you see tones of brown, black, silver and gold. You may see some copper. Some brown. Perhaps a little blue, but that’s usually all the variety the eye is treated to. Until now!

Birline is changing the look of the classic men’s timepiece, making it over in a rainbow of colours while holding onto the traditional methods of watchmaking that result in impressive performance. The company was founded by two natives of Sweden, Andy Nilsson and Alexander Andersson, who met while living in Barcelona.

Both of the founders of Birline are truly passionate about colour and believe that men shouldn’t have to settle for wearing basic neutral hues every day of the year. Together, they came up with the idea of producing a timepiece with a classic white and gold dial, a Swiss Ronda movement system and a unique coloured strap.

The idea of a colourful strap led to the creation of the first line of timepieces to ever include straps made out of 100 per cent genuine Harris tweed. The straps can be purchased separately from the watches and are easy to swap, giving men the freedom to transform their timepieces to match their outfits.

Currently, Birline offers 17 different variations of their timeless watch design. The watches retail for £149 (about $235) and can be purchased directly from the watchmaker online.

(Picture by Birline Watches)

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