Björn Hendal Watches Now Available for Pre Order

What should you purchase–a vintage timepiece with plenty of classic appeal or a modern timepiece with all of the latest design innovations? Björn Hendal watches is making the decision a whole lot simpler by offering modern watches that capture all of the style sensibility of vintage designs.

Based in Sweden, Björn Hendal is a sister brand to Blancier, a micro watch brand that has been in business for more than 10 years and has earned a stellar reputation for producing quality watches. The Björn Hendal brand was founded to bring to life a look that the designers call “New Vintage.” This distinctive style draws inspiration from mid-century modern chronograph watches with twists on those classic designs made to suit modern tastes and incorporate new technologies.

All of the Björn Hendal watches are being manufactured in Germany. The watches have been in development for over a year and are being offered with white, blue and black chronograph dials. The timepieces are offered with an array of stylish straps, including classic NATO straps, lizard embossed leather and crocodile leather. For added versatility, the straps are very easy to remove, and Björn Hendal will be selling straps separately for mixing and matching.

Currently, Björn Hendal is accepting pre orders for their entire collection of timepieces. The watches sell for between $391 and $648 and can be reserved via the brand’s official website. Orders are expected to ship in the middle of October, and the brand is offering worldwide shipping.

(Picture by Björn Hendal Watches)

One thought on “Björn Hendal Watches Now Available for Pre Order

  1. Anton says:

    Looks cool for me. A little bit overpriced. Bjorn Hendal called them ‘The New Vintage Timepieces’ for the original oldschooled design.

    Bought one a couple of days ago. I had a choice between two very similar to me watch manufacturers: Bjorn Hendal and Crownarch. The first one 2 times more expensive. I choose the first one and happy as a child.

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