Borealis Watch Company: A Rare Combination of Economy, Reliability and Style

The aurora borealis is a sight unlike anything else on Earth. People who have seen its colours painting the sky describe it as life changing, as something that can never be forgotten because of its incredible beauty. When you consider the rare beauty of the awesome sight of those heavenly colours, the name of the Borealis Watch Company seems highly appropriate. This watch brand has managed to create something pleasing to the eye that is highly reliable, yet very affordable–an accomplishment that’s truly rare.

In order to make their timepieces as finely crafted as possible, the Borealis Watch Company is highly selective about what goes into their watches. All of the parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers who maintain high quality standards. The movements featured in the watches come from brands like Miyota and Seiko time. All of the cases are fashioned out of premium materials as well with options that include bronze, titanium and surgical grade stainless steel.

The Borealis Watch Company collection includes both diver watches and pilot watches. All of the timepieces cost less than $500, and some are even priced under $200. Still, all of the watches feature 1 year warranties and are carefully assembled to exacting quality standards. Before each watch is shipped, it is tested for 48 hours to ensure that it meets the brand’s performance and reliability standards. The watches can be purchased directly from the Borealis Watch Company at their ecommerce store.

(Picture by Borealis Watch Company)

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