Boschett Timepieces: Committed to Doing It Right

Any watch can look stylish on a man’s wrist when he’s seated at a desk or a dinner table. The true test of the quality timepieces comes when a man breaks free of the daily grind and heads into the great outdoors. Many stylish timepieces just don’t have what it takes to withstand the demands of rugged terrains, but Boschett Timepieces are always up for the challenge.

The Boschett Timepieces collection includes a total of six watches. Each one is developed with a specific need in mind. The watches include the Reef Ranger and Harpoon for divers, the Race Winner for drivers, the Legacy for fashion wear, the Ocean Mariner for boaters and the Cave Dweller for hikers, spelunkers and climbers. These designs are continuously being refined and reimagined with different dials, bracelets and cases, keeping Boschett Timepieces fresh and innovative.

Although the looks of Boschett Timepieces vary widely from design to design, all of the timepieces have quality in common. The watches are made in China and Switzerland in accordance with the brand’s simple motto “doing it right.” That means that each watch is assembled one at a time by a single artisan and that each timepiece is rigorously tested before sale.

Currently, Boschett Timepieces are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer on their ecommerce store. The watches range in price from $400 to $900. Styles sell out frequently because the brand only produces watches in small runs to maintain a high level of quality.

(Picture by Boschett Timepieces)

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