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Do you guys remember your first watch, and how did your passion start?
We all remember wearing a watch from a very young age. Adam can vividly remember his Ninja Turtle Flip watch at the age of 5.

When did you start Bow & Stern?
Our team have spent the last 14 months designing and searching the globe for the finest materials for production. We’ve had multiple design revisions, samples and prototypes over this time from many manufacturers in order to develop a product that we love and want to share with the world.

Who is in the team? and what’s their background?
Bow & Stern is a family business. We’ve all come from different backgrounds and have brought a range of expertise to this new venture.

  • Bianca (founder) – Travelled the globe modelling for the likes of Vogue Italy, Cosmopolitan mag, Womens Day, Neckermann + Klingel, Pantene and many more. Fashion label. Entrepreneur.
  • Vanessa (founder) – Professional athlete for 12 years. Design Degree. Entrepreneur.
  • Adam (founder) – Handles all things business, Bachelor of Business. Entrepreneur.
  • Shanice – Graphic designer
  • Jess – Graphic designer

We all have our own strengths that we bring to the team, together we can tackle any challenge.

Bow & Stern Founders

Bow & Stern Founders

How did you guys get to starting your own company?
Over the last 3 years we’ve all been working on building another successful e-commerce business. During this period, we had a drive to design and create our own brand which reflects who we are and our lifestyle. We spotted a niche in the market for nautical/minimal inspired watches, crafted with premium materials but still offered at an affordable price point.

What’s the story behind the Bow & Stern name?
We’ve all grown up on the East coast of Australia in a beach suburb called Cronulla in Sydney’s South. Growing up in Cronulla, we have all developed a huge love and respect of the Ocean. This obviously influenced our business concept, and we wanted a name to match our concept. We developed a long list of nautical inspired names and Bow & Stern was the pick with people we shared with and our team.

How does Bow & Stern differentiate from others?
Aesthetically, an obvious difference is the anchor positioned at the six o’clock position which we feel pairs perfectly with the minimalist design cues. Other than the nautical design features, our main point of difference is that Bow & Stern offers a lifetime guarantee so you can purchase your timepiece with the peace of mind that its built to last. Our watches are crafted with the highest grade materials such as 3 Hand Rhonda Swiss Quartz Movement, Scratch Proof Sapphire Crystal Glass, Surgical Standard Stainless Steel and Top Grade Vegetable Tanned Swedish Leather from a Tannery that’s been creating premium leather since 1873 and supplies some of the world’s leading luxury brands.


Where are the watches made?
Bow & Stern has tested multiple manufactures over the past 14 months, after receiving samples from multiple manufacturers around the globe, we have decided that our manufacturer in Hong Kong has produced the best quality product. We’ve sourced the finest materials for construction which are all imported to our manufacturer.

What movements will you be using and why?
We have used a Ronda 763 Quartz Swiss Movement in our watch. We wanted three hands, as we believed it added character to this particular design. We had samples made of the two hand and three hand versions of the timepiece. The team all agreed that the third hand was more aesthetically pleasing so we locked that in.

Quality & affordability have always been the primary concerns for us at Bow & Stern. So we opted for a Swiss Movement.

What is your customer segment?
Bow & Stern watches are crafted to suit both men and women, our target is men and women, between the ages of 20 – 45 years old, that are fashion forward and share a love of minimalistic design. We’ve found there’s quite a large segment of people out there that share our love for nautical inspired products. Minimalism is timeless, as is nautical inspiration.

Where are you located?
We’re all from Cronulla, which is a beachside suburb in Sydney’s South. (Australia)

What’s the inspiration for your collections?
We draw our inspiration from the ocean and all things nautical. We created a sleek minimal line of watches that allows you to create your own style and change styles depending on your current mood. With ten different faces and three different bands, we are proud to offer thirty different variations that will reflect your individual style and taste. We wanted to give each watch personality so gave them each a beautiful, nautical inspired name that you can connect with. The Baltic; dark, sleek and stormy is our matte black case with black face and the Havana; light and airy is our silver case with white face.

Where can I buy your watch?
We launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday, which has been really exciting and we’ve already reach 50% of our goal within the first day of going live. So if you wanted to be the first to receive your Bow & Stern watch, check out the campaign. It ends 1st June 2016.

The Kickstarter Campaign link is

After our Kickstarter campaign has finished, you can purchase from our website. We offer free shipping worldwide.

Our web address is

What’s the price range?
We wanted our products to be accessible to all that want a quality, stylish watch that will last your life voyage. The Australian RRP is AU$249.95 (at current exchange rates that’s around US$189).

If you head to Kickstarter you will be able to support Bow & Stern and be one of the first to purchase your watch at a discounted price of up to 50% less than retail.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
The next 5 years is exciting! We want to build the Bow & Stern brand and share our passion with the rest of the world. We’re eager to keep designing new and exciting collections and integrate some unique features in the up-coming ranges. Stay tuned!

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