Brathwait Watches: Bringing Price Transparency to Luxury Watchmaking

How much does it really cost to make a men’s timepiece? You really can’t be sure, but you can be certain that luxury watch manufacturers are making a hefty profit on the watches they build. Still, it’s difficult to know how much a watch that you’re considering purchasing is being marked up. That is unless the watch in question is made by Brathwait Watches.

A truly unique brand, Brathwait Watches is doing something no other company has done before–providing transparent pricing information about every component of their watches. Visit their website, and you can see how much every single piece that goes into their Classic Slim and Automatic Minimalist watches costs them. The actual price of the Sapphire glass, the Swiss quartz movement, the stainless steel case, the dial and the leather or mesh strap is shown in black and white. They even provide information about how much it costs to coat their watches with rose gold and other finishes.

In addition to being open about the cost of their watch components, Brathwait Watches clearly shows why they are able to offer timepieces that rival the price of competitors’ watches that sell for $500 to $3000 for just $150 per watch. You can see that they make $75 on each watch sold, making you feel as if you’ve gotten a truly fair deal. And to top it all off, Brathwait Watches are incredibly stylish and finely crafted, so they are worth every penny paid. You can see the entire Brathwait Watches collection exclusively on the brand’s online store.

(Picture by Brathwait Watches)

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  1. Bev says:

    On my first visit to Brathwait, I bought a wrist watch

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