Breaking Down the World of Watchmaking with STEVRAL Watches

Contrary to popular belief, bigger does not always mean better. Many companies responsible for producing watches often add in a number of extravagant gadgets and gizmos to their watches, some that have no function other than decoration. While this indeed creates a neat visual appeal to some watch enthusiasts, for others, these contraptions only function as a distraction or an eyesore. STEVRAL Watches aim to break down those very watches back into what they should be at their core: beautiful timepieces that function as smoothly and effortlessly as they look.

Minimalist design schemes and excellent inner workings make this watch a stylish and functional addition to any outfit. Comprised of easy-to-read dials made of Superluminova to achieve optimum brightness, these timepieces are crafted for your convenience and impeccable sense of style. STEVRAL timepieces were created with you in mind and are intended for everyone from professional divers to watch enthusiasts and collectors, and everyone in between. STEVRAL watches use a casing made out of many different materials for a stunning effect. These materials include things such as 316L stainless steel, Cusn8 bronze, and titanium. Sapphire crystals also go into these stunning watches that take advantage of ETA and Miyota mechanical movements.

If the world of watchmaking has left you unimpressed, look no further than the simplistic and refined selection offered to you by STEVRAL watches. These timepieces are available on their website for anywhere between $420.00 and $970.00 with a number of shipping options.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Down the World of Watchmaking with STEVRAL Watches

  1. john wadley says:

    hello there, I would like to purchase a new brown leather band for my Stevral dive watch. the watch is 48mm in diameter and the band is 24mm wide. can you help me.

    1. Mick says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your message.

      Here you can see all the straps we have available in size 24 mm:



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