Breitling and Baffin: A Sleek Combination

Layering rope bracelets with luxury timepieces is a fashion-forward look that men are sporting all over the world. The key to making this type of pairing look great is to consider the overall look of your timepiece when selecting the right rope bracelet to complement it. We put together this winning duo: a Breitling chronograph and the WatchBandit Baffin Anchor Bracelet to give you a feel for how it’s done.

The Brietling timepiece shown here has a highly polished silver bracelet band that gives it a very sleek look. The effect is enhanced by the deep blue dial. The hour markers are silver toned and have a split contemporary design, and the markers on the bezel are of identical style. All three of the main hands are simple, shown in silver with luminous tips. Overall, the look of the watch is minimalistic, very modern and cool in terms of its color.

To select the perfect bracelet to complement the Brietling watch, we wanted something that was just as simple, yet stylish as the timepiece. In addition, we wanted to complement the sleekness of the watch by choosing something with cool tones. Choosing an anchor bracelet with a silver-colored anchor was a natural choice to match the bracelet and case of the Brietling. We love how the light blue color of the Baffin sets off the darkness of the watch’s dial, and how the solid colored nylon rope keeps the bracelet as minimalistic as the watch with which it is paired.

You can try your hand at pairing your Breitling timepiece with a stylish rope bracelet by checking out the WatchBandit Anchor Bracelet collection.

Customer picture by: Instalol24

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2 thoughts on “Breitling and Baffin: A Sleek Combination

  1. Breitling says:

    Excellent watch design , Breitling Watches have become a craze all around the globe particularly with the youth.

  2. Amazing! This watch is so cool. I want to buy this watch. Thanks for sharing.

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