Buddha Bracelets and Rope Bracelets: Perfect Pairings

With their meticulously carved beads and carved gemstones, Buddha bracelets add a touch of the exotic to any ensemble. These Mantra Bracelets can make quite the fashion statement when worn on their own, but we also love how they look when layered with our rope bracelets.

Here are a few pairing ideas to consider while you’re shopping:

  1. Buddha Jasper Agate ONYX Bracelet + Caspian Anchor Bracelet – The earthy greens of the Caspian look handsome against the rich browns of the jasper agate, while the onyx of the Buddha bracelet contrasts with the white flecks in the design of the rope bracelet.
  2. Buddha Lapis Lazuli Lava Bracelet + Baffin Fish Hook Bracelet – Place the light blue maritime sailing rope of the Baffin beside the royal blue of the lapis gemstones and you get eye-catching results. The white gold hook also goes perfectly with the Buddha beads.
  3. Buddha Turquoise Lava Bracelet + Timor Anchor Bracelet – You’re not afraid of a bold pairing, are you? Of course not! That’s why you’ll love how the vivid turquoise beads make the accent fibres on our Timor pop. The yellow also complements the hue of the turquoise perfectly.
  4. Buddha Hematite Lava Bracelet + Black Fish Hook Bracelet – Keep things sleek and simple with this dark pairing. The hematite and the gleaming anchor hook take center stage with the Buddha beads and the white flecks of fibres playing important stylish supporting roles.

Now that you’ve seen our ideas for pairing Buddha bracelets with rope bracelets, shop our collection and see what ideas you can come up with!

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