bulbul A Distinctive Danish Company

Scandinavian design has been years ahead of its time for decades. Always concerned with marrying modern form to highly useful function, Scandinavian designers have revolutionalized everything from automobiles to home interiors. Now, a Danish watchmaker is doing the same in the world of timepieces, releasing luxurious timepieces that perfectly combine form and function to meet the sensibilities of modern men looking for watches as unique as they are. That brand is BulBul, a company that is truly setting trends in the world of watchmaking.

A Distinctive Danish Company

BulBul is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and released their initial line of watches in 2013; however, the brand’s history can be traced back for years. The company began with the vision of entrepreneur Jacob Juul. He believed that there was something missing from the world of luxury timepieces–a Scandinavian touch. He believed that the minimalistic modern qualities that had made Scandinavian-made designs legendary around the world could be translated into luxury watches. This promoted him to enlist the help of some of Copenhagen’s most gifted designers, who spent several years creating sketches and helping Juul source materials to create a unique brand.

Luxury Quality Materials

Part of the appeal of BulBul watches is the brand’s commitment to using only fine quality materials for their designs. Straps are fashioned out of Italian leather, considered by many to be the most luxurious tanned leather in the world. The movement systems are Swiss made, gold plated and outfitted with four jewels. Top of the line batteries are used to provide up to 10 years of power, making BulBul watches as sustainable as they are luxurious. Sapphire crystal is used for the face design of the watches, providing ample protection for the timepieces.

A Minimalistic Approach to Design

BulBul embody Scandinavian design with their unique minimalistic looks. The faces are free of hour markers, and the straps are very simple, highlighting the beauty of the materials used. The name of the brand comes from the Arabic word bolbol, which means “nightingale.” This bird has long been considered a symbol of poetry, which speaks to the artistic designs of BulBul watches. At the same time, the nightingale bird has a unique, eye-catching cluster of feathers on its head, making it eye-catching. This speaks to the originality and boldness that BulBul watches offer along with their sleek simplicity.

The Pebble Collection

The first release from BulBul watches is the Pebble collection, which consists of five designs. The design is available with white, black and gray dials with leather straps in black, grey and brown. All of the timepieces feature premium steel cases and are 37 millimeters by 40 millimeters by 8 millimeters in size. BulBul watches are sold exclusively through authorized retailers and sell for roughly €335. Watch Bandit is proud to carry BulBul watches, and you can shop the entire collection on our site. See the whole bulbil collection here.

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