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Whether you’re thinking of fashion accessories or home furnishings, Scandinavian design is synonymous with contemporary style. There is something so distinctive about the minimalistic modern looks conceived by Scandinavian designers, and the Bulbul Watches collection shows off that simple, yet refined look handsomely. Although Bulbul Watches just arrived on the scene in 2013, the brand is already making headlines among fashion experts who are drawn to the quality craftsmanship and impeccable style of the timepieces in the collection.

Bulbul Watches are manufactured in Copenhagen by skilled craftsmen under the direction of three top Danish designers. The first Bulbul watch took five years to design, test and refine before it met the high standards of the creative minds behind Bulbul. The signature timepiece in the collection is the Pebble, which features a simple, blank face, a matte-finished case and a luxurious strap.

Only the finest of materials go into the craftsmanship of Bulbul Watches, making the brand’s designs as high in quality as they are unique in style. The straps are made out of premium imported Italian leather and are double sided to enhance their comfort and quality. The faces are constructed out of sapphire crystal glass, one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials used in watchmaking. To ensure reliable timekeeping, the watches feature Swiss-made, four jewels Ronda movement. The timepieces even offer superior battery life and are able to run for up to 10 years without requiring a new power cell. Perfect for everyday and dress wear, Bulbul Watches are splash proof and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. See the bulbul watch collection.

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