Cadence Watch Company: Saving the World From Boring Watches

What kind of watch would the superhero Deadpool wear? That’s the thought provoking question that inspired the Cadence Watch Company to make their brand new timepiece–the Hero Chronos watch.

Black and red in color just like the superhero’s costume, the Hero Chronos is a timepiece that can be worn for work or for play. Incredibly eye-catching, the watch has a tachymeter that is perfect for workouts, and it features day, date and 24-hour subdials on its face. Even at night, the watch can be read easily because it has luminescent hour, minute and second hands. The watch is backed by a 3-year warranty and is powered by an ISA9238 movement system. A flexible silicone strap finishes the design of the timepiece and ensures a very comfortable fit during any activity.

Instead of seeking out private investors to get their new line of timepieces to the market, the Cadence Watch Company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to bring the Hero Chronos watch to the market. The company had set a funding goal of $6,000 and as of the time that this piece was written, they had nearly doubled their goal, having raised $11,510 from 132 backers. With more than 20 days left to go in the campaign, it seems likely that Cadence Watch Company will be introducing some stretch goals. The watches sold as a part of the Kickstarter campaign are expected to ship in April 2016.

(Picture by Cadence Watch Company)

One thought on “Cadence Watch Company: Saving the World From Boring Watches

  1. Hello Cadence

    For some years I bought 4 watches from you. I have been very happy with them all.

    Unfortunately the metal watch (black and red) stopped running after the glass crashed.

    I would like to buy a new one – but i can’t find the same in your collection.

    Do you have more of this watch ?

    I would like to buy one more of the white version.

    Hope you can see the pic.

    /Users/kroll/Library/Containers/ Downloads/A0BC4868-3DCD-4F13-986B-831F42A67F59/IMG_7214.JPG


    Mikael Krøll Denmark

    PS I also send you an Email

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